Celebrating the Life & Legacy of Michael Cameron Catt (1952-2023)

Michael Cameron Catt saw his Savior face to face on Monday, June 12, 2023, after a 5-year battle with prostate cancer. He was surrounded by his family who are grieving, but are not grieving without hope (1 Thessalonians 4:13).

Born in Pascagoula, Mississippi on Christmas Day 1952, he was adopted by Grover & Winnie Catt. Growing up, he worked in his father’s drug store, Catt Pharmacy, and was actively involved at Calvary Baptist Church. At the age of 18, at the height of the Jesus Movement, he realized his need for a personal Savior and surrendered his life to Christ at a revival service.

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When God’s People Pray

(this article originally appeared in the Sherwood Church Communicator in 2006. I believe it is still applicable. Maybe more so now than ever. While I am no longer the Senior Pastor at Sherwood, I’ve chosen to repost this article for pastors to read and possibly use as we move into 2023).

I remember the first time I heard Wayne Watson’s song by that title. I sometimes find myself humming it or singing it—of course, I’m alone when I’m singing it. “When God’s people pray, there is hope restored there is sin forgiven…”

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I remember the first time I heard Wayne Watson’s song by that title. I sometimes find
myself humming it or singing it (of course, I’m alone). “When God’s people pray, there is hope restored there is sin forgiven…”

It’s not that prayer changes things, it changes me. Prayer is not the method we’ve been given for twisting the arm of God. It is not given to convince God to see things from our viewpoint. Prayer is a privilege given to learn and embrace the mind of God.

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Government Is Not The Cure

The Answer Is Not in Government, It’s in God

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that we’ve got a lot of politicians and pundits giving us the “cure” for the recession we are in. Most of them want to throw money at the problem. At the same time, they deny the real issues in our nation. Money is the WRONG SOLUTION! Money cannot do for this country what an encounter with the Master can do. We don’t need political, economic, congressional or presidential solutions. These people are speaking with the foolish wisdom of man. Any solution will be temporary. Any hope will be fleeting.

I don’t care whether we are talking Democrats or Republicans—they’ve all forgotten their base and the people they represent. They are, for the most part, self-centered, greedy, arrogant, and absorbed by their own egos. They love to hear themselves talk, and they love to pontificate. Their words are empty, their motives should be questioned, and the end result will be more of the same. They divide us into camps. We no longer even know what it means to be civil and have an honest conversation.

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Selfies rarely impress me. Most of us don’t have arms long enough to get the right view of everyone in the picture. Yet, people of all ages have been using their phones to take selfies. Pictures are posted on all the social media platforms of people holding up their phones to take pictures of themselves. Sometimes, it is a group shot, often it’s (unfortunately) of them looking in the mirror at themselves.

Some of these pictures are funny. Many are increasingly inappropriate. A recent study has shown that this obsession with taking selfies is leading to increased narcissism. Narcissism is a personality disorder that involves a preoccupation with self and how one is perceived by others. It pursues gratification from vanity and the admiration of their own physical and intellectual attributes.