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Mar 17 14

Worship Week

by Stephanie Bennett


I’ll be speaking at LifeWay’s Worship Week in July,
along with our Worship Pastor, Mark Willard.

Other guests include Mike Harland, Mike Speck,
Shannon Wexelberg, Terry Williams, and Shelly Johnson.

Find more info and register here!

Feb 10 14

God Is More Willing to Send Revival Than We Are to Receive It

by Michael Catt

Some might think that revival is something we work up. It’s a conference we call ReFRESH®. In reality, revival is not something that comes from organizing; it comes through agonizing. There is no revival without prayer.

If we relegate prayer to a secondary matter, we will not have power or the blessings of God. Are we, as God’s people, preparing for rain? Are we looking for showers of blessing or are we content with what God has done in the past? Are we climbing or coasting? Will we see an outpouring of the Spirit in our lifetime that floods our hearts or will be we satisfied with just a few more mercy drops? read more…

Feb 7 14

The Essence of ReFRESH

by Michael Catt

We are now in our tenth year of ReFRESH® conferences. We’ve held them in the Ozarks, Smokies, Richmond (IMB staff), and Albany at Sherwood. Each conference is unique. God seems to always bring the people who need to be there. No conference is like another one. The settings, those attending, the wind of the Spirit, and the flow of the sessions differs from conference to conference. In leading over 20 of these, each one stands alone. read more…

Feb 5 14


by Michael Catt

Okay, so I’m going to weigh in on the whole Peyton Manning discussion. To be totally up front, I wanted Peyton to win. I love the Mannings. Archie played at Ole Miss, and my dad was an Ole Miss grad. I grew up watching or listening to every Ole Miss football game I could.

Archie played for the legendary John Vaught toward the end of Vaught’s coaching career. He was drafted in the first round by the New Orleans Saints. The Saints never provided Archie with a quality team. Most of his NFL career he was running for his life. He never complained. He didn’t get an attitude. He was and still is an ambassador for the game. read more…

Jan 31 14

Hard Words to Swallow Lead to Revival (Part 2)

by Michael Catt

Murmuring in the church starts in subtle ways: “I’m not sure about this new building program. Shouldn’t we be giving the money to missions?” As if providing facilities in your community is less spiritual than providing a hut in Africa. This is not either/or; it’s both/and.

“I don’t like the new direction we are going.” Name the area: music, starting a new ministry to the community, actively seeking to integrate the church with people from every tribe and tongue, breaking down social and economic barriers (that always makes rich white people uncomfortable who want church to be a glorified country club). read more…