Over the past year, we’ve been privileged to take our ReFRESH® Conference around the country. In 2017, we’ve been in Nevada, Alaska, Pennsylvania, and at home base in Albany, Georgia. We’ve met hundreds of pastors and church leaders who have engaged in these conferences on a scale we’ve not seen in the past.

The diversity in ages and ethnicity is encouraging. We are seeing more and more church planters and young pastors attending these conferences. God is allowing us to speak into the lives of these men on the front lines of ministry, many of them in difficult situations. We’ve had pastors from over twenty states attend in 2017 alone. Continue reading


We’ve lost our minds. Everything is coming apart at the seams. Hatred. Anger. Insane responses. Terrorism. Sex trafficking. Child abuse. Abortion. Senseless murder. Sexual sin. Perversion. Distortion of marriage. Gender blending. The list seems endless. The answers seem unattainable.

Any situation facing us is not as important as our attitude about it. Throughout the Bible, the children of God faced impossible situations. War. Slavery. The wilderness. Wicked kings. Philistines. Egypt. Babylon. The Red Sea. The Jordan at flood stage. Hopeless and helpless, they had nowhere else to turn. Continue reading


I remember the first time I heard Wayne Watson’s song by that title. I sometimes find myself humming or singing it… “When God’s people pray, there is hope restored, there is sin forgiven…”

It’s not that prayer changes things; it changes me. Prayer is not the method we’ve been given for twisting the arm of God. It is not given to convince God to see things from our viewpoint. Prayer is a privilege given to learn and embrace the mind of God. Continue reading

Every year since the early 2000s, we’ve watched God work during our four days of ReFRESH®. After Ron Dunn died, we began to think about pray about what we would do now that we no longer had our annual Bible Conference with him.

In looking at the decline of morals, values, decency, and ethics in our culture, it became quite obvious that we needed revival. I don’t think revival will come from the White House or Congress. I don’t think it can be legislated or even orchestrated. We can, however, pray and seek God as His people. Continue reading