I Knew A Giant

On Earth Day, 2015 my friend and hero Don Miller, left this earth for his eternal home. He made a difference during his days on this earth. His booming voice could resonate through a church like a bass drum. He was the first person I ever met who, without question, was a man of prayer.

If I could speak in a thousand languages, I couldn’t express what he has meant to my life and ministry. I met him in 1985, when I joined the staff of Sagamore Hill Baptist Church. He marked me then, his life marks me now. In many ways, Don Millers influence on my life marked me as much as any man.

Don challenged me as a staff member and work to revitalize the Intercessory Prayer Ministry. He was a member there and had established the prayer ministry there, but the staff had gotten busy with “other things” and prayer wasn’t even on the back burner. Don made it Waterford Crystal clear that prayer was essential to the life of a church. I never forgot that.

When I went to Oklahoma, I had Don come in and establish an Intercessory Prayer Ministry. As far as I know, it’s still going today. When I came to Sherwood, Don came to establish an Intercessory Prayer Ministry. That prayer conference, was packed every night. It was the launching pad for everything good and of God that has happened at Sherwood.

Every building decision, Sherwood Pictures decision and ReFresh Conference was covered in prayer. Sherwood continues to mail out prayer cards to people around the community and literally the world. The prayer tower out front stands as a witness to our desire to be a praying church.

I last saw Don in 2014. I got to spend some time with him in his prayer arbor. We talked and prayed together. I will never forget that day. Even at 93, Don Miller was in the battle. He was praying for revival. He was praying for me. He and Libby covered us in prayer in ways I can’t explain and will never fully understand until I get to glory.

My friend is in glory. His prayers live on. His legacy is passed on to others that must take the mantle. Don and Libby would read the church Communicator every week when it came. They prayed for me and my family. Gary would often say, “I’m not sure I’m in the will, but you are.” It brought joy to my heart when Gary would say, “Michael, son of Don.” I miss him today. I can still hear his thundering voice praying to His Father. What a man. What a friend. What a giant.

He lived and died a humble man of God. His shadow is that of a giant.

We Need Climate Change In Our Culture

I have to be honest. The political climate today disgusts me. It grieves me. It makes me ashamed of the state of our nation. The slander, lies, mean spirited, vicious, angry attitude of candidates on both sides is sinful. I’m ready to vote for “none of the above.”

I have never endorsed a candidate, ever. I won’t today. I don’t believe everyone who says they are a Christian. Jesus said by their fruit you will know them. By the fruit of some of these candidates, I’d say they are the products of a crab apple tree. Their fruit is certainly bitter.

I’ve never seen so much pandering to Evangelicals. We must be the dumbest people on the planet. We believe without discernment. The same reason there is doctrinal error in the church is the reason we have lack of discernment in who we support in politics. We lack foundational truth. We lack character and most of all, we lack discernment. We are seemingly clueless regarding what is needed in a leader.

Don’t tell me who you are against, tell me what you are for. Don’t tell me it’s broke, show me how you’re going to fix it. We expect that from our doctors, dentists and mechanics, why not national leaders? Doctors, dentists and mechanics are specific as to the problem and how to fix it. Why can’t a politician be that way? I’m in the no spin zone.

What are we teaching our children? It’s not good. It’s harmful and damaging to the future of our land. The candidates on both sides are teaching our kids ungodly attributes.
● Say whatever you have to say to get elected. Which translates into, say whatever you have to say to get ahead.
● The way to get on top is by character assassination. Be a name caller. Spend money on ads or do it freely on social media and sling as much mud as possible.
● You can say whatever you want but you don’t have to mean it. You can lie your way to the top. You can cheat your way to the top.
● Bend the rules, work the system and you’ll be able to stand on the carcass of a once great nation.
● Statesmanship is not longer essential in politics. You just need money and a lot of mud.
● Promise people the moon and when elected give them a moon pie.
● Tell people that there are no sacrifices in life. Someone else will pay for everything. This is why adult children live at home, don’t pay their bills and won’t get a job. But who cares, it’s a “free” country right?
● Don’t live in a world of black and white, right and wrong. Make everything dingy grey. Forget foundational truths. Bend the rules, break the rules. Whatever it takes to get ahead, do it.

That may be what you want. It’s not what I want in a leader, a nation or a church. If we don’t get back to the basics, we are sunk. America is a non-prophet society. We need preachers and church members to stop kissing up to politicians and start crying out to the Holy God of heaven who is our only hope.

Michael Catt