God Is Working!

You would have to be blind not to see the hand of God right now. It’s everywhere and seems to be in everything. Nationally, the financial crisis is making people ask, “Is there more to life than my retirement plan? What will happen in the days ahead?” God is allowing a crisis to force us to look to Christ. The government can’t save us. The president can’t soothe our fears. Only God can give us peace that passes understanding.

God is working through UPWARD. We are seeing increasing numbers of children and families impacted by what God is doing through the Sports and Recreation ministry. Jay Flynt and his staff of volunteers are helping us reach our “Jerusalem.”

God is working, and you’ll see evidence of that this Sunday. We have scheduled a third grader to share what God is doing in his life, giving powerful evidence of how “it’s not about me.”

God is working in Bible Study. John Spencer and the Bible Study team are working to connect with the many new people who are visiting us every week. We have had hundreds of first-time guests in the last few months. You can help us by loving on new people and connecting with them. I am hearing some amazing testimonies of God moving in many of our Sunday School classes. That’s ministry where the rubber meets the road.

God is working in our services. For the last few weeks, the air has been electric with the presence of God. You can see the hand of God moving in our midst. While I would not want to judge a work of God by externals, we do know what God is doing in a person’s life by the fruit they bear. We are seeing the fruit of praise and hunger for God in our services. This means the devil is working as well, hoping to distract or discourage those in whom God is working.

God is working through the Love Dare Bible Study. I got an email today from a pastor who has seen five people come to Christ through the study in his church in Florida. God is working in the lives of first responders. Churches are buying the Love Dare for firemen and policemen in their community.

God is working through Fireproof on DVD. The sales have been incredible, and it was # 4 in rentals in the nation its first week out. Praise God that we have been available to be used by Him. Remember, God’s working because we don’t take the credit—we’re just the vessels He has chosen to use at this time.

God is working in cities around this country. I’ve been in Mississippi, Arkansas, Florida and Missouri in the last three weeks. I saw God moving in the hearts of people who gathered for the Arkansas State Evangelism Conference during an ice storm. Many committed to reaching the next generation for Christ in that two-day conference. I saw God working at Midwestern Seminary in Kansas City where I had the opportunity to speak last week. Students are hungry for God and want to be used by Him.

God is working as we prepare for ReFRESH™ in the Smokies. We have well over 200 signed up, with pastors coming from New York, Pennsylvania, Georgia, the Carolinas, Tennessee, Louisiana and other states. Several churches and organizations have been gracious to provide scholarships for many of these pastors, most of whom are in small churches or bi-vocational positions. Pray for God to work in the conference. Pray for Tom Elliff, Ken Jenkins, Bill Stafford, Ed Litton and me as we pour our lives into these men of God.

God is working through Fireproof Your Life and Prepare for Rain. I get emails every week from pastors and people around the country who have read one, or both, of the books, and God has used them to touch their lives. God is working as we prepare for the national release of The Power of Desperation in June.

God is working. We are starting a podcast the first week in March. I’m excited about the work Brian Kelley has done to make this happen. I’m praying for God to use these messages to impact people around the globe.

God is working through Frontline Parenting. We’ve now had two of these events, which I believe should be required for any parent. We’re offering great encouragement and principles on how to raise your kids in a world that is trying to destroy their lives. Chuck Allen and the Rosbergs have both done an outstanding job. You can purchase the CDs or DVDs from these events in The Source.

God is working in our staff. I see a hunger in them and joy on their faces. They demonstrate love for one another and a unified team spirit. I see Jesus in them, and I’m grateful I get the chance to work with this team.

God is working through our Generations giving. We continue to make progress in eliminating our debt and expanding the Sports Park. God is our source when it comes to finances, and having the faith to believe God and obey God in tough economic times is a sign of a healthy believer.

God is working. Do you see it? Sense it? Don’t take it for granted. He is looking for humble, contrite, available people who will avail themselves to Him without reservation or hesitation. If we will live that way and stay that way, He might look our way and send a sweeping wind of revival.

Copyright 2009, Michael Catt

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  1. I just want to share what God has done in my life. I recently had a bad bout with lung cancer and had my lung removed, work done on my heart and I went through 37 radiation treatments, as well as,chemo which was awful. There came a time that the family was called in and told that I probably would not survive because I was already a stage 3B. Well, I am here and I am praising God in an awesome way. He picked me!!! I was able to show my faith and witness to others. But God turned me around and made me realize that earthly things are not important. I made new friends and I saw many come and go…I even lost a few along the way. But through this all I know God has blessed me and I feel priviledged to have had the opportunity to meet people that I never would have crossed paths with other wise. God has a plan in each of our lives. I want you to know that when I taught at Sherwood many years ago that I was seeking my place in the kingdom of God. When I was asked not to return I felt that my world had fallen apart. I love teaching and I love young people …but through this all God has opened my eyes and shown me the real meaning of being a Christian.Not everything goes the way we would like but it goes the way HE would like. I wish you much happiness and an awesome future in your writing and in your preaching.May God Bless you and shine His loving face upon you. It is great to be a part of the family of God!!!

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