SBCPC (Part 3)

What a great beginning to the Pastors’ Conference! Great music, great preaching, and a sense of God’s presence.

We had the privilege of spending a few moments backstage with Chuck Colson, talking about Sherwood Pictures. Chuck did a very kind and gracious article when Facing the Giants came out. He was so encouraging about how he sees us impacting the culture.

God has been good to allow us to hear so many kind reports of how God has used the movies. Better yet are the stories of changed lives—people and marriages that have been born again.

Today is a full day at the conference, and I’ll be speaking after lunch. We appreciate your thoughts and prayers.

One thought on “SBCPC (Part 3)

  1. Good Morning Michael: What a joy to hear that the movies produced are realizing such an impact. I am concerned for the future of our nation – we must continue to reach everyone we can with this type of communication. When is the next movie coming out?

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