Just Dropping By

A while back, our minister of music and his wife came by to return something they had borrowed. They both apologized for just “dropping in on us.” I repeatedly said, “No problem.” It really wasn’t a problem. All I was doing was checking my Facebook status and Terri was checking her email in her home office. We weren’t “busy,” “in the middle of something,” or “tied up.” After all, we’re empty nesters, so our lives are pretty boring and quiet. 
Of course I know when you want to visit someone, especially a church visit, people like to have a little notice. They want to straighten up and have the house presentable. That’s natural. I understand that. I’ve discovered that people prefer an appointment rather than a cold call, or they would choose to meet on neutral ground, say, over lunch instead of at their home.
After they left I started thinking, “What if Jesus just wanted to ‘drop by’ for a moment?” Would we be ready for Him? Would we welcome the visit or see it as an interruption? Would we invite Him in to tour our house, or would we close some doors and declare those “off limits” to the Lord? Would anything need to be cleaned up? Would He feel at home in our home? Those thoughts reminded me of the little classic booklet, My Heart, Christ’s Home, which should be read by every believer who is serious about their walk with Christ.
The reality is that most of us, if we’re honest, don’t want Jesus in our business or our private lives. We want Him at an arm’s length. We want fair warning when He’s headed our way so we can clean up and put the best face—uh, façade—forward. We don’t like divine interruptions.
So the Lord stands at the door of our hearts knocking, waiting for us to come to the door and let Him in. But we are scared. Letting Jesus in to his feet under our table can be threatening if we’ve got something to hide. Far too often, we’d rather leave Him outside and hope He goes away. We hide and peek out through the windows to see when He turns to leave.
The sad part is that we miss the blessing. We miss the opportunity of having the One who loves us come in and help us clean house. He knows how to deal with the clutter, the dirty areas that can’t be hidden in cabinets and closets. He also knows how to come in and make Himself at home—and make you feel at rest. So the next time Jesus speaks to your heart and says, “Can I drop by?” Turn on the lights, swing open the doors, and let Him in. You might just have one of the best surprise visits you’ve had in a long, long time.
Like the motel commercial says, “Jesus, we’ll leave the lights on for you!” You’re always welcome here.

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  2. Pr. Michael,

    My name is Sarahi I am 13 years old and I live in Colorado. I love your movies and was wondering if you had an open position. I love the message each movie carries and since I’m a christian, I’d love to help in some way! I understand if you don’t have something I could do… Thankyou and God bless you!


  3. Hi Dan: Stop by anytime we are home. Our home is usually “lived in.” Jesus does come to visit us. Each morning, I read my Bible and eat my bowl of Cheerios – drink my Cranberry Juice and spend time with HIM. The house? It remains the same. My wife is very prompt on keeping our house in order. We are retired and live alone. Kids are out of the house!!

    Wes Allard – Mansfield, Texas

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