How Will They Speak of You When You’re Gone?

This week I was looking through some old papers and came across a resolution from the deacons of Monticello Baptist Church in Monticello, Mississippi, regarding my grandfather.

“Whereas, our dear Christian friend and fellow deacon, Ernest Vaiden Catt, who was born on September 17, 1892, a lifetime resident of Lawrence County, departed this life on November 29, 1973:

Whereas, although our church records are not available, it has been determined that Ernest V. Catt united with the Monticello Baptist Church prior to 1918, and served this church in many ways and in many capacities, some of which are enumerated, as follows:
– Messenger, with the exception of eight years, to the annual meetings of the Lawrence Baptist Association, 1919-1967
– Church Clerk, 1919-1929
– Sunday School Superintendent, 1921-1930
– Ordained a deacon by our church in 1928
– Church Treasurer, 1944-1957
– Directed the church music program for many years, on a voluntary basis, prior to the employment of a regular Minister of Music
– Compiled information for many years for the church bulletin and planned the order of service for Sunday Worship until 1964
– Although the number of years are not known, he served as Adult Sunday School Superintendent, Junior Sunday School teacher, and Adult Training Union leader. He served on numerous major committees including the Personnel Committee, the Finance Committee, the Building Committee, and the Music Committee
– Faithful tither and generous financial supporter of the Mississippi Baptist Foundation

Whereas, Ernest V. Catt was a devoted family man as well as a man of many talents, perhaps best known to people over this county and in this trade area for his church work, but also well known as an outstanding businessman and politician, as evidenced by the following:
– Member of the Mississippi House of Representatives, 1932-1936
– Member of the Mississippi Senate, 1944-1948
– Special Agent, Lamar Life Insurance Company, 1928 until death
– Prepared income tax returns for a large clientele for a considerable number of years and was a recognized tax consultant
– Went beyond the call of duty to help people, regardless of race, qualify for Social Security benefits

Whereas, Ernest V. Catt, not only was a man of many talents but also gave generously of his time and talents to churches, individuals, and civic organizations – he enjoyed meeting and associating with, and helping people;

Now, therefore, be it resolved that the Deacons of the Monticello Baptist Church at the regular meeting on this the 14th day of July, 1974, adopt this resolution as an expression of our deep sense of loss, and also as an expression of our sincere sympathy to his family.

Be it further resolved, that this expression of admiration and affection by this body be made available to the family, and be recorded in the official minutes of the Deacons and the official records of the Monticello Baptist Church as a permanent memorial to him.”

John. W. Waller, Chairman
Malcolm S. Dale, Secretary

I’m wondering, how will people speak of you and me when we die? Will we have lived well? How we live will determine how we are remembered.

5 thoughts on “How Will They Speak of You When You’re Gone?

  1. Good Afternoon Michael: I was not as fortunate as you to come from a heritage of Christians. I became a Christian at the young age of 21 – I am now 76. It has been a wonderful experience all these years. I am not sure how people will remember me, but I truly hope even the undertaker is sad at my funeral. Wes Allard – Mansfield.

  2. Hello Michael:
    I do hope that they will remember that I tithed my income – that I gave because I wanted to – not because someone poked me in the ribs to do it. I truly hope they think of me as a caring person – one that cares about people and their spiritual needs – that I was conpassionate. – Wes Allard – Mansfield, Texas

  3. Michael,

    My family recently had a painful loss and I started wondering what my own funeral would be like – would anyone come? Then The Love Dare inspired me to also look at how I’m regarded while I’m still living! I want me and my husband to experience all God intends for us. I kind of thought the book would teach me how to please my husband more, but instead I’m only on Dare Five and am already discovering an awful lot (and I do mean awful, sometimes) about myself! I don’t know if you ever read anyone else’s blog, but I’m writing about what happens after each dare. It’s at I would love to know what you think. Thank you for your role in touching my family’s life.

  4. Hello Michael: I bought your book: THE POOWER OF PERSISTENCE. I have read the first chapter – all 32 pages. If it were not for my tired eyes, I would have continued reading. I admit, I am searching for answers that only God can reveal. I agree with you, But! It is hard to pray when you feel like you’re praying to a cold dark sky – the answers don’t come. I know, presistence! Stay with it! Wes Allard – Mansfield, Texas.

  5. This questions is one I have pondered a lot lately. I wonder if I will ever impact my world and make a difference.
    I am seeking Gods direction on how to impact my world and show the world what a great God I serve. I am wondering if I am making a difference by only getting chance to share my testimony on a one to one basis.

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