Saying Goodnight to an Old Friend

Tomorrow I will preside over the memorial service of a longtime friend, Dr. Alan Day. Alan served as the pastor of First Baptist Church of Edmond, Oklahoma, for 25 years until his tragic death in a motorcycle accident this past Wednesday. At 62 years of age, Alan was young, energetic, passionate and a man’s man. He was a godly man who had one of the sharpest minds of anyone I’ve ever met. His theological insights from his in depth study of Scripture made him a powerful communicator of the truth of God’s Word.
I’ve had the privilege of preaching at FBC Edmond more than any other church outside the churches I have served. I’ve been there the last three years for the annual Heartland Bible Conference, a conference on revival. Alan’s heart was to see God do a breakthrough work of revival among the membership. He longed for, prayed for, read about, and preached about revival. It was interesting to watch his passion for revival ignite after he read the biography of Manley Beasley, by Ron Owens. He consumed it. He wanted it as much as any man I’ve known.
My assignment tomorrow is clear: share the gospel, encourage the family, and call the church he has pastored for the last 25 years to continue on in the faith “once for all delivered to the saints” by their pastor.
Alan Day will be missed. While we sob, He rejoices in the presence of His Lord and Savior. I will miss playing golf with him. I will miss talking to him about his desires for the church, for his ministry, and how he wanted to finish.
Alan didn’t expect to finish his course on Wednesday, but apparently the Lord of heaven knew his work here was done. While my heart says “no,” my understanding of life being a vapor and that our times are in His hands tells me God knows best.
Although Alan would not have anticipated that last Wednesday would be his last day on this earth, he was ready. He was a soldier of the cross, a disciple of His Lord, a preacher of the Word and a man of unquestionable integrity. He loved his precious wife, Alice, and his four children and six grandchildren.
As you think about it, pray for his family and a church that must walk through a grieving process that none of them anticipated. Pray that the God of all comfort and the Father of mercies will be real in undeniable ways in the coming days.

4 thoughts on “Saying Goodnight to an Old Friend

  1. Praying for you to have freedom to share the Gospel, the compassion to comfort the family, and the stamina for the challenges of the day. So proud of you. No one could do it better.

  2. Pastor,
    Thank you for coming and sharing today. You brought a great message and I know many accepted Christ this morning. Blessings to you and your church as we further the kingdom and pray for revival.
    Ps. 28:7

  3. Yes, that is exactly the pastor I have grown to love and respect over the past 10 years. His passing has left a huge hole in my heart and I still find it hard to even believe. His presence will be missed terribly. But again I must thank you for your words of comfort and encouragement at the memorial service. God used you to be such a blessing to the Day family and the EFBC church family. We love you like you’re our own! :)

    Blessing on you and yours,
    Jennie Morgan

  4. I want to say THANK YOU – for the challenge you gave. When you asked for those to stand who had given their life to Christ or who, Pastor Day had been their only Pastor. Then when you gave them the “charge” to not let the word die within them. And to not let it go out void. To recognize the fire within you. To run with that charge. I was so honored to see my 2 daughters standing at that moment. Listening and taking all of that in. So, thank you. As I also, took that charge in and am asking God to not let any of pastors teaching go out void. He was more than just a “Preacher” or “Dr. Day” to me and my husband. He was the instrument of Christ that put our life back together and nurtured us from a very dark place and loved us. So because of Christ and through pastor, we will seek Christ and not let Christs words return void. Again, thank you for the Challenge. And, thank you for being the pastor during the grieving process.

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