Courageous @ Auburn

Last week, I had the honor of doing a private screening of Courageous with the Auburn University football team and coach Gene Chizik. You can read details about our visit here.

I am grateful to Coach Chizik for allowing us to show the film. I got to know his wife Jonna over a year ago through a mutual friend, and we talked about how Facing the Giants had mirrored their 5-19 season in Iowa prior to coming to Auburn. This team was receptive, and the coaches were cooperative and supportive. It was a privilege to show the film, and to be there with Jim McBride, Ken Bevel and our friend (and book agent) Bill Reeves.

After meeting Gene and reading his new book, All In, I was reminded of how God always has His witnesses. It was a privilege to meet a number of the players and coaches, to get tweets from several of them and to be able to speak to them.

I was asked, “Are you an Auburn fan?” As someone who grew up loving Ole Miss football, that was a tough question. My answer was, “I’m a big Gene Chizik fan. And I’m a fan of what I see and hear happening spiritually in the lives of many of these players and coaches.” I’m always a fan of anyone who wants to make a positive impact on the next generation! To be honest, I’m so grateful that in a society where the culture wants to push Christianity to the side, God raises up coaches like Gene Chizik, Mark Richt at Georgia, Houston Nutt at Ole Miss, and many others. God always has His witness. It’s like me cheering for three quarterbacks, Tebow, Bradford and McCoy, who were all stand out athletes and stand up believers. I’m for anyone that is “not ashamed of the gospel.

Find out more about Courageous, coming to theaters September 30!

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