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  1. Dear Pastor Catt,
    I wish you a very successful convention in August. It’s such a shame i won’t be able to make it but here are some of the questions i would personally pose to you in the Q&A sessions:
    1.Is Christianity based on blind faith?
    2.Isn’t religion merely cultural?
    3.Why does a good God allow evil and suffering?
    4.Why are Christians so judgemental?
    5.Can i be a Christian without going to Church regurlarly?
    6.How do i discover the truth?
    7.Why does evil exist? What is it’s purpose?
    8.What is YOUR understanding about why God allows suffering in the world?
    9.The destruction of the Canaanites,why is this such a difficult subject to grasp for so many? Knowing that God is loving and forgiving?
    10.If human evils must be allowed so that we can have free wiil, why did God also create natural evils like floods, famine, disease?
    11.Why are modern day miracles less impressive than those in Biblical times?
    12.Does God value faith more than He values belief based on evidence?
    13.If God gave us intelligence, wouldn’t He want us to examine our beliefs with reason?
    14.Must i conform to certain group’s beliefs to be in a right relationship with God?
    15.Why does the Bible routinely depict God as manifesting Himself in dramatic,unmistakable ways and performing obvious miracles even before the eyes of non-believers, when no such thing happens in the world today?
    16.If it was always God’s plan to provide Salvation through Jesus, why didn’t He send Jesus from the beginning, instead of confusing and misleading generations of people by setting up a religion called Judaism which He knew in advance would prove to be inadequate?
    17.Since the Bible states that God does not desire that anyone perish, but also states that the majority of humankind is going to Hell,doesn’t this show that God’s plan of Salvation is a failure even by His own standards? If this outcome is a success, what could count as a failure?
    18.Why didn’t God create human beings such that they freely desire to do good,thus removing the need to create Hell at all? If you believe this is impossible, isn’t this the state that will exist in Heaven?
    19.Is it fair or rational for God to hide himself so that He can only be known by faith, then insist that every single human being find him by picking the right one out of thousands of conflicting and incompatible religions?
    20.If you had the power to help all people who are suffering or in need, at no cost or effort to yourself, would you do it? If so, why hasn’t God done this already?
    21.Why doesnt prayer work when the Bible promises it should?

    God bless you anyways……………….

    From Africa with love,
    Langat Kibet,
    Nairobi,Kenya(East Africa).

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