National Birth Rates

A friend sent me this link of a presentation by Hans Rosling, a world renowned demographer, on the impact religions have on nations’ birth rates.  I found it to be fascinating and quite hopeful to the future of Christianity in the next 100 years.  His essential point is that Eastern Religions, Islam, and Christianity have about the same opportunity to be the dominant world religion 100 years from now based upon projected birth rates alone.

May God intervene in the natural order and send revival!

One thought on “National Birth Rates

  1. I have not been able to open the link you have provided Pastor Catt, it loads an Outlook Web App page that requires signing in. I have however read similar material that postulates that there is NO connection between religion and population. What about the connection between different religious laws/controls and birthrates? Like the catholics banning birth control? Doesn’t that have an effect on birth rates? I do wonder however about how valid the statistics and analysis are in practice. God bless you Pastor Catt.
    Divided by miles, united in love.

    From Africa with love,
    Langat Kibet,
    Nairobi,Kenya(East Africa).

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