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From the Introduction: Why You Need This Book and Why I Had to Write It

“The story is told of a battle where the flag bearer got so far ahead of the regiment that he officer called back to headquarters and asked, ‘Shall we bring the flag back to the regiment?’ The commanding officer said, ‘No, make the regiment catch up with the flag!’

Today we need young people with the hearts of warriors; people who will run to catch up with the flag Christ carries ahead of us. People who won’t turn back. But the responsibility to mentor those young people falls to me, to my generation. . . . Unless the people of my generation take the time to equip you, our young people, with spiritual courage, the church is always just one generation away from extinction.

In these pages I explore the examples of people int he Bible who displayed great courage when playing it safe would have been easier. Each section begins with a segment of Joshua’s story of courage and throughout we explore other leading examples of courage in the Bible. Esther and Moses, Daniel and Jesus–each story challenges us to keep moving forward. they cause us to examine our priorities and deal with any thing that brings fear to our hearts. They call us to have a faith that matches our mountains.

I’m praying God will call you to do something great for His name and His glory. It may not make the headlines, but greatness is determined by God, not by man. Most of all, I am praying that you have the courage to answer that call. . . . I hope and pray this book will find its way into the hands of young people who will say, ‘By the grace of God, I will make a difference with my life. I will count the cost, pay the price, stand in the gap, and confront the culture.'”


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2 thoughts on “Courageous Teens

  1. I think the spirituality of teenagers has always been incredibly diverse and fluid.A picture of contrasts actually. Does the book explore the changing environment of teenagers? Technology such as social networking is re configuring teens’ needs for relationships and continual connectivity, diminishing the role of certain spiritual forms of engagement in their lives. Talking to God may be losing out to Facebook. Teenagers nowadays are less inclined toward spirituality, perhaps they are taking cues that has made it unpopular to make bold assertions about faith or be too aggressively evangelistic.
    The reviews are great and i am sure the book will be a timely resource to all teenagers. Congratulations and God bless you Pastor Catt.

    From Africa,
    Langat Kibet,
    Nairobi,Kenya(East Africa).

  2. I have used this book with the teens I disciple, its a classic for every youth worker, anywhere in the world. I have done another order and even got rights to publish it locally. I know it will be awesome and helpful for our youth here in Kenya.

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