Reflections on ReFRESH

We have just returned from a trip that covered nearly 1,900 miles on the bus—plus airplanes, multiple hotels, and a lot of eating out! We’ve finished our winter/spring ReFRESH® Conferences in Branson and Pigeon Forge. There were nearly 1,200 pastors, wives, and lay leaders who attended these two meetings.

God was all over the meetings from the beginning. We knew it because we were in a spiritual battle the entire time. We had opportunities that required us to adjust on the fly. It was a reminder that our trust should be in the Lord and not in man or our schemes, plans, or ideas. God clearly showed up. He used all the speakers to speak into specific areas where leaders are hurting.

I’m incredibly humbled by the number of people at the altars for both conferences. Men and women did business with God. There were tears. There was confession and repentance. There was cleansing. Bitterness was forsaken. Defeat was overcome. Christ was exalted, and the Spirit moved in more ways than I can communicate.

We were blessed to have our incredible Sherwood Praise Team as part of both conferences. They are road warriors and servants of the King in every sense of the word. They blessed us as they led in worship and praise before the throne of grace. In addition, we had Veritas in Branson and Voices of Mobile in Pigeon Forge. Both groups were used greatly by God.

Thanks to all who prayed. As we expand this ministry to hurting pastors, we need your prayers. As we continue to press through for revival in our land, we need God’s hand of protection. The enemy hates it when the saints are stirred to action.

As you pray for us, please follow the ReFRESH® conference at, on Facebook at and on Twitter @ReFreshSBC. We have no advertising budget, so we spread the word through folks like you. Word of mouth is the best “promotion” we have for all that God is doing to salvage ministries, restore hope, and renew strength.

In all ways and every way, we give God the glory for what He has done in these days.

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  1. I want to amen everything you said about ReFresh in the Smokies. God was indeed present and we were blessed beyond expression. Thank you and the entire team for giving your time to be a blessing to all who attended. I have said many times that ReFresh is the very best conference in America and this most recent conference only affirms my feeling about ReFresh. Michael, I have made a note of your itinerary and I am using it to pray for you at each event. I want you to know that you are covered by this pastor’s prayers. Thanks again for being God’s instrument for revival.

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