God Is More Willing to Send Revival Than We Are to Receive It

Some might think that revival is something we work up. It’s a conference we call ReFRESH®. In reality, revival is not something that comes from organizing; it comes through agonizing. There is no revival without prayer.

If we relegate prayer to a secondary matter, we will not have power or the blessings of God. Are we, as God’s people, preparing for rain? Are we looking for showers of blessing or are we content with what God has done in the past? Are we climbing or coasting? Will we see an outpouring of the Spirit in our lifetime that floods our hearts or will be we satisfied with just a few more mercy drops?

Several years ago, I sat at a table with a man who was strategically involved in making movies like Luther, Raiders of the Lost Ark, The Lord of The Rings, and The Chronicles of Narnia. He said something I’d never thought about before: “Pastor, the difference between your movies and most other Christian movies is they tell people to be good. Your movies call people to be righteous.” Just remember, we can’t take people where we aren’t willing to go ourselves.

I encourage you to attend ReFRESH® and make it a personal priority. You can sign up for the conferences at www.ReFRESHconference.org. Let me challenge you to attend. Set aside these days to seek the Lord.

Tozer said, “It is useless for large companies of believers to spend long hours begging God to send revival. Unless we intend to reform we may as well not pray.” God wants to do a MIGHTY work, but we must be intent on making ourselves available to that work.

Revival doesn’t hurt, it heals. It delivers us from self and selfishness. It renews, restores, refreshes, and revitalizes that which has become stale, old hat, and cold. Someone has said that revival makes the ideal real in the church. It’s a sad necessity, but we must never assume it’s an impossibility. God wants to move among His people. He wants His glory to fill this place. He wants to mend the brokenhearted and bind the strongman. He desires to see His children delight in Him. He is looking for leaders and believers who will allow the fruit of the Spirit to be manifested in their lives on a daily basis.

John H. Armstrong writes, “I believe nothing so distinctly causes the people of God in any generation to ‘stand in awe’ as when they hear of the great works of God in awakening his people powerfully.” Our heavenly Father wants to show us His power, His glory, and His grace. We have to avail ourselves to the opportunity. We have to pray for the possibility that this could be the time, the place, the people where revival becomes reality.

I’m ready to see a heaven-sent revival. How about you?

3 thoughts on “God Is More Willing to Send Revival Than We Are to Receive It

  1. When I see it in my life and the life of my family it refreshes me. We all should be keeping a diary of where we saw God in our life on a daily basis. When we reflect on that we will see that he’s been there with us on every step of our journey. To me that’s refreshing.

  2. Am reading your book, “The Power of Surrender.” Thank
    you, thank you! I am 79, have been praying for revival
    for over 30 years — not just for my church, but for the
    Body of Christ. I, too, have discovered that the average
    churchgoer knows nothing of revival. So I find myself
    sharing revival history with people, hoping that they can
    catch a vision of what God has done and can still do. I
    see revival as God’s way of “healing the church.” And we
    desperately need healing.
    Am looking forward to your Refresh Conference.

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