If you are in leadership, you’ve gotten one. They are never positive. They are laced with anger, sarcasm, mocking, and most of all self-righteousness. I’ll bet the Pharisees taught classes in how to misuse and abuse Scripture in anonymous parchments.

Back in my early days of ministry at Sherwood, there were many battles. I often got anonymous letters. Some were written by “concerned” members who used profanity to tell me what they thought about me. Some were “disappointed” and others were just outright dumb.

I’ve been accused of being liberal, carnal, worldly, and arrogant. I’ve been attacked for not preaching from the King James. I’ve been attacked for using humor in a sermon. I’ve had notes for not wearing a tie. I’ve been told I make too much money, condemned because I don’t drive a car that a humble preacher should drive, and criticized for letting my girls be normal Christian girls growing up.

I’ve had letters written to the editor and have been named in our local newspaper’s “Squawk Box” – a column for cowards to attack others anonymously. It’s okay; it goes with the territory. One letter to the editor blamed me for “countless people going to hell” because I chose not to participate in an event.

I believe it was D.L. Moody who said, “I got a letter. I’ve often gotten letters criticizing me that are unsigned. But this one was unusual. There was no letter, just the person’s name in all caps: FOOL!”

#1: Anonymous letters have no place in the body of Christ.
It is a clear violation of the Word of God. Nowhere in the Bible can you find justification for an anonymous attack on another believer. If you are a writer of anonymous letters, you do not have the Spirit of Christ.

#2: There can be no resolution.
The person receiving the letter has taken a verbal blow but has no ability to respond, explain or seek reconciliation. A writer of anonymous letters is a coward. They have no moral values and no Biblical approach to relationships. They would whine like a baby if someone did to them what they so easily do to others.

#3: Writing an anonymous letter does not give evidence of the fruit of the Spirit.
There is no love, joy, peace, kindness, gentleness, and certainly no self-control. Rather, they are filled with self-righteousness, pride, an air of superiority, and venom.

Leaders must have the hide of a rhino and the heart of a lamb. The danger is getting the two reversed. If you are going to lead, don’t be surprised if you get anonymous letters. If you read them, you are allowing a nobody to speak into your life. The devil will drive their words into your heart. After all, anonymous letter writers all have the same father – the Accuser of the Brethren.

The first thing I read when I open a letter is the name. If there is no name, it goes in the garbage can. I don’t take the time, energy, or effort to read anything from anyone who lacks the biblical grace and moral courage to sign their name. If you believe in something strongly, have the courage to sign your name.

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  1. I fully agree: they are “cowards.” They want to criticize but they aren’t will to put themselves out there so they can criticized. How can they see the speck in the eye of another when they can’t see the log in their own? They have eyes but can’t see, ears but can’t hear. They are everything we are taught no to be.

  2. I’ve also had an anonymous letter and I had to really pray hard after reading it and it does exactly what you said in your letter above the devil will drive those words right in your heart. I had to just release it to God and let it go. I got a second letter but then I did as you said just throw it away it’s not worth it when the person is such a coward and needs the Lord in their heart. I pray for all Pastors as I know how stressful your job can be and how people do attack. Will keep you in our prayers daily….You are doing a fantastic job in Albany

  3. I truly believe as you do Bro. Catt. A few times I have made some input to my previous pastor and others in authority and certainly signed my name. What good does it if you can not express what the Holy Spirit as impressed upon you unless you give your name. Blessings to you and your ministry.

  4. Thanks to all for sharing your love for Jesus with us tguorhh the movies. The movies have been a blessing in my life. I will continue to pray for all of you and know that the LORD is looking down on you with great joy.

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