As I travel around the country, I am becoming more and more aware of our need for revival. Churches are fighting. Pastors are leaving the ministry. Ethics is lacking among believers. Morality is slipping away. The youth culture is fast becoming pagan. Children are being abused, neglected, and given over to godless philosophies and worldviews. These are just a few of the reasons why we need revival.

If procrastination is the thief of time, then failure to make godly choices when it comes to things like ReFRESH® is a thief of life itself. We don’t get better on our own. We need the accountability to the body. We need the fellowship of the saints. We need to sit under the anointed preaching of the Word. We need to join hearts in crying out to God to meet us in our time of need.

Spurgeon said, “If you were sick, would you send for your physician tomorrow? If your house were on fire, would you call ‘Fire!’ tomorrow? If you were robbed in the street on your road home, would you cry ‘Stop! Thief!’ tomorrow? No. But man is foolish in the things that concern his soul. Unless divine and infinite love shall teach him to number his days, he will still go on boasting of tomorrows until his soul has been destroyed by them.”

I dare anyone reading this to study what happens in revival and see if we can call what we are doing in the 21st century anything less than godless pursuits and backsliding. I’m asking you to prioritize this time. You need it. Your family needs it. Your church needs it. Your decision making will be affected by it. Your marriage and parenting will be impacted by it. Your priorities will be realigned because of it. You need to hear from God. You need to listen to the Spirit calling His church to repentance.

I don’t believe we can pray that we might have revival. We must have it. We must pray and seek and ask and knock and call down heaven over this land. We must have a holy determination to not let the Lord go until he blesses us. We will never reach the lost until the saved are revived. Carnal people don’t care about lost people. The only way we can significantly impact our communities for Christ is when we are a church full of hot hearts. We can’t be lukewarm; that nauseates the Lord Jesus. I am calling for the remnant to call out to God on behalf of our churches, communities, regions, and this nation.

Getting by, going along and doing the same old thing with the status quo will not work in the day in which we live. When revival comes, this preacher will be able to say with Spurgeon, “As a church we have lived in revivals for nearly twenty years. There has never been a time that I can remember when there have not been souls converted in our midst. I do not know that there has ever been a Sunday without a conversion in this place. I do not think there has been a sermon without a conversion.” Oh God, let that be said of us.

We have designed the ReFRESH® Conferences to be a time of sound teaching about revival and awakening, refreshing in the presence of the Lord and other like-minded believers and leaders, and challenging you to share this theme with your church and community. I pray you’ll join us for an upcoming conference this year:

West | February 27-28, 2017 | Las Vegas, NV

Northeast | March 20-21, 2017 | Lancaster, PA

Alaska | May 4-5, 2017 | Girdwood, AK

South | September 17-20, 2017 | Albany, GA

All the details for these conferences can be found at

Lord, send revival. In me first. In our churches. To this land. It’s too late for anything else.

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  1. Mike ,it’s wonderful following your ministry after all these years. Thank you for faithfully proclaiming Gods word. Yes! We need revival.., My husband is a PCA pastor and our son will graduate with his MDiv this may. He’s been a youth pastor for 5 years. Thank you for your ministry to me some 40 years ago!

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