I’m a Baby Boomer. I’ve lived through the birth of rock-and-roll, the Jesus Movement, hippie culture, the invention of color television, the birth of FM radio, records, cassettes, CDs, MP3s, and satellite radio. I was around before the Internet and cell phones. My grandparents had a party line, and growing up all our phones had cords.

I learned to drive with a stick shift, we didn’t have seat belts, and the dashboard was metal. We didn’t use car seats, and we didn’t lock our doors at night. The streets were fairly safe for kids to play in, and we knew our neighbors. Most of us went to the same kind of church our parents and grandparents attended. We all sang hymns, but I was around when choruses started showing up in church, mainly because of the Jesus Movement. Continue reading


As I travel around the country, I am becoming more and more aware of our need for revival. Churches are fighting. Pastors are leaving the ministry. Ethics is lacking among believers. Morality is slipping away. The youth culture is fast becoming pagan. Children are being abused, neglected, and given over to godless philosophies and worldviews. These are just a few of the reasons why we need revival.

If procrastination is the thief of time, then failure to make godly choices when it comes to things like ReFRESH® is a thief of life itself. We don’t get better on our own. We need the accountability to the body. We need the fellowship of the saints. We need to sit under the anointed preaching of the Word. We need to join hearts in crying out to God to meet us in our time of need. Continue reading


The streets of every town in America are filled with once great churches. At one point, there was a vision, passion and commitment to planting a church in a neighborhood or community. Somehow, over time, that commitment waned or the next generation failed to carry the torch. Now, where there was once evidence of belief in the life-changing power of the gospel, there is peeling paint, overgrown yards, and dilapidated buildings.

There are other churches that are “alive” but are in reality, dead. They’ve forsaken the evangelistic and missional passion of their founders and replaced it with liberal theology, compromised ethics, and a social gospel. One needs to look no further than some of our mainline denominations to discover that these are undeniable realities. Sometimes I wonder what Wesley and Luther would think about what has happened to movements they started. Continue reading


When a president is sworn into office, that person lays their hand on a Bible and swears to protect and defend the Constitution of the United States of America and ends by saying, “So help me God.” Leadership that does not acknowledge the need for God’s help is foolish. Leaders that say they need the help of God but never seek it are liars.

At the end of the day, the sad history of America is that often politics, party preferences, lobbyists, desire for a personal legacy, and carnal agendas define a president more than the Constitution or the Bible. We have painful illustrations of immorality in the White House, secret tapes, under-the-table deals, and unwise decisions among both parties. We need a leader who will support and defend the Constitution amid a rising tide of those who think it’s just a fluid piece of paper that can be changed according to the whim of the times. That was not the vision of the founding fathers. Continue reading