Someone once said, “I have never sufficiently praised the Lord and never can.” I certainly agree with that statement, especially in light of what God has been doing in our midst.

Although we’ve had reasons to lose perspective and opportunities to be faint of heart, this church has stayed focused in recent months – and I believe the result of singular focus and open hearts is evident to even the most casual observer.

We are in a season when we are seeing God work and move with greater freedom. We’ve been more responsive during the invitations, and there’s been a sweet aroma of praise in our midst. The wind of the Spirit is blowing. Continue reading


God is stirring, not only evidenced in our services each week, but also in pockets and places all across our community. I am convinced that the time is now for pastors and churches and believers in this area to seek the Lord with fervency and passion, asking Him to rend the heavens and pour out revival and awakening in Southwest Georgia.

I’ve been part of prayer gatherings with local pastors, encouraging meetings where vision and unity are the theme – it’s like nothing I’ve seen in my nearly 27 years here. This fall could be a significant moment for our region. What if God showed up? What if we linked arm in arm as the Body of Christ for the sake of this place we call home? It could happen. Continue reading

Pain is inevitable. We all feel it. Physical pain can be crippling. Emotional pain can be paralyzing. Pain can come in a thousand forms. Everyone has pain on some level. A failed marriage. A prodigal child. A failing business. A dying dream. Pain is a common denominator. Because we live in a fallen world and because we are sinners, pain is a reality.

Don’t let some happy-go-lucky philosopher tell you differently. Don’t let some prosperity preacher convince you to ignore the reality of pain. If pain is not a reality, the God owes Job and many others an apology. If pain is just something that existed before the health and wealth gospel came around, then God owes the first-century martyrs an explanation. Continue reading


It has been said that hope is faith in the future tense. Paul wrote to the Colossians and reminded them of an eternal truth: “Christ in you, the hope of glory” (1:27). The word hope is used 140 times in the Scriptures.

Thomas Brooks wrote, “Hope can see heaven through the thickest clouds.” John Bunyan wrote, “Hope is never ill when faith is well.” When our faith weakens, our hope darkens. Unfortunately, we have not taken a biblical view of hope. We have watered it down to mean little more than a wish, positive outlook, or optimism. We say, “I hope so,” as if we are handicapped and God is not sovereign. Biblical hope goes beyond a wishing well or a positive attitude. Continue reading

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