Fireproof Your Life

We recently received word that the audio book version of Fireproof Your Life was nominated for a 2011 Retailers Choice Award. This was produced in partnership with Brilliance Audio.

If you haven’t read Fireproof Your Life, we invite you to read the story of the great sequoia and receive encouragement and inspiration. Through centuries of forest fires, the great sequoia stands unscathed. Michael Catt shows how, like the sequoia, we can stand strong through the fiery trials that inevitably come our way.

Using illustrations from his own life and from the movie, Fireproof, Catt discusses practical issues such as temptation, marriage, and finances, helping us build a faith that resists our corrosive culture. Rather than succumb to pressure of circumstances, we can stand tall and face our challenges in Christ’s power.

One thought on “Fireproof Your Life

  1. Had one of “those days” where I’m trying to listen to my pastor’s message but something he said during the sermon triggered an inspirational idea for a Christian book or movie (a trade I’m completely ignorant to for the most part but it did spark me to do some “how to – screenplay, script” searching on Google. Maybe God’s up to something in my life, if so, that would be an incredible adventure for sure.

    Now that I’ve rattled on…the reason for my visit here (as I’m a first time reader of your blog)…

    In my searching about writing Christian screenplays and such I had the sudden compelling to sort of reverse engineer how Fireproof became such a huge success. Wikipedia has quite a bit to say about the subject.

    I found a few things absolutely fascinating and clear and convincing evidence of the supernatural hand of God upon this movie project:

    – the budget for Fireproof was reported as $500,000. As of today, the gross return for this film (with combined sales at the box office and DVD) is an estimated $50,000,000.00 — nearly a 10,000% return (you know God and his 10 percents!) Fascinating.

    -1200 + volunteers helped make the film possible, land was donated to use, the fire dept. donating there time, vehicles, and manpower, a train was made available to use, and the list of resources God compelled others to provide is probably a never ending one I’m sure.

    The biggest blessing of it all however, Wikipedia likely will never be able to fully document in the search engines. I wonder just how many marriages were and still are being saved through the supernatural residual seeds God continues to plant through this visual medium? How many children were and are being saved from the destruction and decay of a divorce defeated?

    Indeed, just how many generations to come will have forever been changed all because a group of people came together through faith and action to bring about God’s miracle of Fireproof.

    May God continue to inspire you and your ministry to inspire the world so desperately hungry for His Word made manifest in our lives.

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