Courageous Partner: All Pro Dad

We’re coming up on the release of Courageous in just two weeks. We’re all excited to see how God is going to use the fourth film from Sherwood Pictures to bless and strengthen families across the world.

One of the national ministry partners that we have been excited to work with is All Pro Dad, founded by my good friend Mark Merrill. Maybe you’ve been to one of their Dad’s Day breakfasts at your child;s school. They do incredible work. Coach Tony Dungy, a man I greatly respect, is one of many NFL spokesmen for All Pro Dad. He raises the bar and challenges all of us to be All Pro Dads.

How are you doing as a father? Check out the quick checklist “10 Ways to be an All Pro Dad” here to see how you’re doing. I know you’ll be challenged to be a better dad…a Courageous dad!

3 thoughts on “Courageous Partner: All Pro Dad

  1. Why are all your movies about the failing of Christian men? They all seem to glorify Christian women who have to help the poor sniffling man get back on track. Where is the movie about the woman failing, like Eve, who Paul warns about is more easily fallen?

    I guess thats just not politically correct today though, huh?

  2. I for one found my way to your blog from hearing about Courageous. (I haven’t seen it yet.) I don’t think I am a very religious person or a very good Christian. I believe in God the creator, and am in awe at the evidence of creation all around us. I believe Jesus was real, but I wonder about the place of other non-Christian religions, one on my own family. I wonder about the fallibility of humans in carrying the Word forward. At the same time, I don’t think God makes mistakes.

    Just a comment, not a sermon! At least you have me thinking. I did get a good score on the All Pro Dad test.

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