“October Baby” and a December Baby

I’ve just returned from the local movie theater, where Terri and I watched October Baby the new movie by Jon and Andrew Erwin. Jon and many of the others who worked behind the scenes on the movie have also been a part of Sherwood Pictures. Provident Films made a wise decision in being behind this movie.

It was obvious there was wise counsel in the writing. The “feminine touch” in the writing added a powerful dimension to the script. This is a heart movie. It pulls at your heart. Theresa Preston, who co-wrote the script, did an excellent job. Jon and Andrew are to be commended for how they have crafted all this into a cinematic benchmark. Every movie dealing with the issue of adoption and abortion will have to look back on “October Baby” as the standard.

This is the kind of movie our culture desperately needs. It is honest and deals with a painful and often divisive issue in a graceful way. I cannot imagine anyone, regardless of the budget or cast, doing a better job. Let me be clear, the movie is enlightening, encouraging, and edifying. I would consider it a must see movie for every teenager and parent. It should be recommended by every pastor and priest in our land. There is power in this movie that can only be explained by the hand of God upon it.

From a purely movie making standpoint, it is stunning in its cinematography. It is well shot, well edited, and well written, and the acting is superior. The characters are believable. It’s as powerful a movie as any I’ve ever seen. There was humor, but, more importantly, the movie touched a deep chord in my heart. I found myself wiping away tears during much of the movie.

The message hits close to home. If you don’t know my story, you may not understand. Without going into all the details, the young lady in the movie found out she was adopted when she was a teenager. I found out I was adopted when I was 39. She was angry at her parents for not telling her. I can still remember the anger I felt with my parents for not telling me. I found out in a bizarre way that caused me to go into the tank and to be filled with anger. It took me a long time to come to grips with all of this and to find victory in it.

I found myself, twenty years after learning of my adoption, reliving those emotions as I watched the movie. Not the anger, but identifying with the anger. I had “been there, done that.” I knew exactly what the girl was going through because I had felt the same thing. I knew the struggle because I had the same struggles.

For the longest time, I was angry with my parents for not telling me. Then, to top it off, a woman who knew my birth mother refused to tell me who she was or where she lived. I tried to write my birth mother a letter and tell her who I was, tell her I was grateful she didn’t abort me, and tell her about her two grandchildren, Erin and Hayley. I didn’t get that chance. The letter was returned to me, unopened.

I never got to resolve the issue with my parents. Of course, I was born and adopted at a time when you didn’t talk about adoption. Although it seemed everyone in my home church knew I was adopted except me, I was never told. Through an amazing and bizarre, set of circumstances, my wife found out and had the painful responsibility of telling me one night.

When I discovered the extent to which my parents had gone to hide the facts from me, I was at a loss for how to ever talk to them. The details are boring, but suffice it to say it was, at some level, deceptive.  I’ve often asked myself, “Why? What harm would it have done to tell me?” Then I thought about the line in the movie when the adoptive dad said, “I wanted to tell you, but days turned into weeks, weeks turned into months and years…” I guess that’s what happened to my folks too…but they never told me.

I don’t think their failure to tell me was malice, but more out of fear. So, for lack of honesty, my parents lived their days in fear. Fear that I would find out. Fear that I would reject them. Fear that I would discover who my birth mom really was. How many parents have lived with fear because of a failure to be honest?

I was born in Jackson County Hospital in Pascagoula, Mississippi, just 29 miles from Mobile, Alabama, where part of October Baby was filmed. The birth records are long gone. The chances I’ll ever know all the facts are slim to none.

I was born on December 25, although my birth certificate has been revised so I doubt if that was my actual birthday. I think my parents saw me as a Christmas gift to them, since they were unable to have children, and had the official date of birth changed by a judge.

My middle name is the name of the doctor who delivered me. He was our family doctor. He’s been dead for a long time and all his records are gone. Believe me, we’ve explored all possible avenues. About all I know about my birth mom is that she was an airline stewardess and that our daughter Erin (according to some who know what my birth mom looked like) looks just like her.

I would love to have the opportunity to say to the woman who gave birth to me, “Thanks for not having a back alley abortion. Thanks for giving me up for adoption. God worked it all for good. I love you for giving me life, and I thank you for loving me enough to give me up for adoption.” I truly love a woman I’ve never met.

I wish I had the opportunity to have the resolution with my parents on this issue. Both died rather suddenly, and I was never able to get release from the Lord to talk to them about it in their declining years. The scene at the end where the daughter and dad get it right is something I’ll not be able to do this side of heaven. I am grateful for being placed in a Christian home. I am grateful for parents who wanted me when my birth mom didn’t, or couldn’t.

Only my wife and Jesus know the pain I have felt through the years. The movie is about an October baby. I was a December baby. For the first time in my life, I do feel like someone captured on film much of what I’ve wrestled with deep in my soul over these years. While the stories are not identical, there were so many reminders in this film of where I’ve been.

Like the young girl at the end of the film, I continue to walk forward, but glance over my shoulder tonight with gratitude for a heavenly Father who has guided my path and loved me unconditionally. I look back and thank God for parents who loved me, even though they often didn’t know how to tell me. I’m grateful for people who loved me and prayed me through the process of dealing with my pain. I’m grateful for a wife who listened to me and was patient with me as I wrestled with my emotions. I’m grateful that God blessed me with two incredible daughters.

Finally, I’m more committed than ever to our Alpha Crisis Pregnancy Center and our ministry to unwed mothers. I’m more committed than ever to the unborn. As the nurse in the movie says to the young girl, “They told me it was just unviable tissue.” And then she says something like, “but when you heard the sounds I heard and saw what I saw…” As one who was spared from abortion, I hear the cries of the unborn. As long as God gives me breath, I will not be silent for those who never had an opportunity to speak for themselves.

I am more than viable tissue. Jeremiah says, that God knew me before I was in my mother’s womb. Mom, wherever you are, if you ever read this, I was no accident. God had a plan for you and for me. Thank you for not having an abortion. Thank you for loving me enough to give me breath. I hope that one day you will see and know how God has used all this for His glory.

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  1. God bless you for sharing your story. My husband was also adopted but his parents told him while he was in his early teens. He was put up for adoption at 3 months old. We both thank the good Lord above that he was placed with his parents. He is such a wonderful father to our four children. Its so amazing what our God plans for our lives. Halleluha!

  2. Thanks Bro. Michael,
    Well said and I am also glad adoption was the choice for you and not the alternative. You are an amazing minister and it is great what God has done in your life. I pray my three special adopted children will always look over their shoulder and see their heavenly Father guiding their path as well. Thanks for sharing. I plan to take Chelsey to see this soon!

  3. Praise God!! I can relate too but from a much different perspective! I pray you do find your mom and get healing and closure!!

  4. Thank you for posting these feelings of your heart in such a graceful manner. I pray that wherever your birthmother and parents reside that they may know your heart and feel your love.

  5. As someone that saw October Baby last night and that made the decision after a rape many years ago to abort the baby conceived from the rape it went over the despair I have had since. I do what I can to talk to young girls to abstain and to keep themselves safe from ever having to make such a decision. I know God has forgiven me but I am not sure I have forgiven myself. I hand’t really intended on going to the movie and had a very hard time watching it. But yes it was very well made. I want my 16 year old daughter to see the movie. It was very strange because the girl actor in the movie look so much like my daughter now that it made me think of what my child may have looked like if it had been born and girl. I hope you all keep making christian movies with a message from Christ.

  6. Thank you Reverend for all that you do. I’m so glad Courageous was a hit and I got a chance to see it.
    I used to ask why I had to go through some of the things I went through but I was shown that I would have been a selfish unhappy person if I hadn’t.
    God bless you!

  7. God bless you for telling your story. Heaven is going to be a great place full of questions and fially answers!. Hope to meet you there someday, if not in this life before.

  8. I am a January baby. :-) I have known I was adopted since I was around 5 yrs old. I am thankful for a family who was open and honest with me. I do not know my birth parents or anything about them. I am thankful my birth mother chose life for me. I am thankful for the family of my heart who adopted me. I am thankful for a wonderful husband and 6 blessings God has given us.

    May God use this movie to touch the cold hearts in our country.

  9. I was an “October Baby”! I was born the 7 th of October 1972. According to records I was adopted 3 days later. I am grateful that my biological mother didn’t have an abortion and, should I ever meet her, I would like to thank her! God has given so much in the short 39 years I have been here. Maybe it was being adopted that helped me to truly understand what being adopted by God really means! God bless and grace to you!

  10. Thank you for sharing this story. I was not adopted, but my mother had a child out of wedlock before she married my father, and gave it up for adoption. She didn’t tell me or my brother until I was 19 years old. I was floored, to say the least! I think about him every now and then, even though I’ve never met him, and wonder what he is doing. My Mom is a God-fearing Christian who has handled this with grace on the outside, but I know it’s something she lives with on the inside. I’m proud to know that my Mom made the right decision and gave the baby up for adoption. I agree that every teenager and parent should see this movie, and it was refreshing to see a couple of youth groups at the showing we attended. Again, thank you for sharing and may God continue to bless you!

  11. I came upon your post from the “October Baby” website. Your story is truly touching and heart-wrenching. I can relate in many ways. I was born to a teen-aged unwed mother with an 8th grade education. I am Pro-life because, like this movie tells, every life is beautiful and every child deserves a chance.
    Thank you for sharing your story. I hope this movie is a huge success and changes hearts and minds.

  12. Mr Catt – thank you for sharing your story – loved Courageous, loved Fire Proof and Facing the Giants (I hold the record for the most times watched) – so very powerful! But October Baby – oh my – powerful, touching with out preaching to people – YOUR STORY was amazing – you can feel you pain and forgiveness in your comments – thank you for sharing.

  13. This is a film that I will have to see. My wife and I are blessed to be adoptive parents, and we feel a true debt gratitude to God and to the birth parents of our son. In faith we decided to do our best to let our son know even before he was old enough to understand that he was adopted, we even have pictures of his birth parents and some basic information that will be helpful to him should he ever want to find them. We are grateful for adoption, but we believe adopted children have the right to know who they are and where they come from, and would encourage all adoptive parents to do what they can to preserve that.

  14. Tears came to my eyes as I read about your feelings and how you put forth an effort to find your mother. I too am against abortion and have a grandson whose parents were never married. To this day, I can still remember the stress an disappointment that we went thru when our daughter got pregnant. I can also remember the event of his birth and seeing him born. It was such a joyful day and there is a bond between us that is so precious I cannot put it into words. We have seen the movie Courageous and it was wonderful. My husband and I watched it and cried for the children whose father refused to be a part of their lives. Continue with the great ministry you have and may our Heavenly Father comfort your heart and bless you and your family.

  15. I will make sure that I watch this DVD with my Ws14 year old son. Wow! Your story is just as impacting. I never watched the movie. God is truly amazing and He has been with you throughout your difficult walk of life. You wrote your with excellence, do consider to write a book on your life encounter of adoption?

    I’ve never heard such a story on adoption or even watched a movie on adoption, this one is gonna be my first. Truly God predestined our life’s and you encountered certain things for such a time like this. Don’t silence your testimony. Two individuals can encounter the very same thing but uniquely convey two different stories because no one can tell your story the way you “the person that personally went through it” can tell it. Should you write a book on your life encounter, I would definitely buy it and make sure I read it! How much more the adopted child dealing with unresolved nightmares due to unanswered questions and rejection?

    Your life story will deliver and set free many who are bound by this. I read your short message and it carries a lot of weight, truth and essence. Some times we just don’t encounter things by accident. God knew that you will be able to overcome and that He will be able to use you for His Glory and to deliver many who are bound by this. Forgiveness releases individuals. Romance 8:28 plays a vital role in your encounter. God specialises in fixing any broken pieces/anything that appears to be a mess and He turns it into a Powerful message to show His Glory and His Majesty to our broken world. Irrespective of how old you might be by now. Continue releasing your sound of victory in writing/ministering because your unique sound is gonna bring deliverance to many Globally.

    Sorry Pastor, only after writing this I saw that you are a Pastor but still what I shared above is what I felt strongly in my heart after reading your touching story. Maybe God wants you to write that book or more books.
    God bless and thanks for sharing your testimony! We overcome the enemy by the word of our testimony.

  16. Thank you for sharing your story. This walk of faith is His story weaving us so graciously into it. I am so grateful your mother gave you life and that you had Christian parents who raised you to love Jesus and in turn you are raising children to love Jesus and so the story continues…………

  17. i have not seen the movie yet but your comments now have me waiting to view it. i have a very loving mother and father and am glad that abortion was not an option in our lives. my parents are God fearing people who loved the Lord and us kids very much. I personelly believe that abortion is against the will of God and is a blight against mankind.there are so many couples who are willing to adopt and they should be given the opportuinty.
    I would like to say that i am a fan of the movies that God has allowed your church to make and place before the public. I know that God is doing a great work in your labors and i can not wait for your next movie.
    I pray the Lord will continue to do GREAT AND WONDERFUL WORKS through you and the people in your church.
    Your friend in Christ

  18. Thank you for sharing such a beautiful post from your heart! I have not yet seen the movie, but am looking forward to doing so.

    When I experienced severe complications which caused the onset of premature labor (at only 18 weeks into my first pregnancy), we were told by the specialists at the hospital (perinatologists) that “the only option was to discontinue the pregnancy” and that if I didn’t I was putting my health at serious risk ! We clearly told them that was NOT an option for us at all and we were choosing to leave it in the Lord’s hands and that I was willing to be “inconvenienced” by strict hospital bedrest if that meant life for my unborn child! The Lord allowed me to continue 5 more weeks into the pregnancy before our precious daughter was born–weighing in at only 1lb 2oz.–at 23 weeks gestation.

    Seven years later, our daughter is a healthy and happy little girl. Yes, she does face some challenges and delays (she is visually impaired as a result of her prematurity) but she is truly a blessing from the Lord and we are thankful that He entrusted her to our care. We pray daily that the Lord would be honored and glorified through her life–she is truly a miracle from Him!

    Again, I enjoyed reading this post and was blessed by your testimony and the perspective you have in being on the receiving end of a mother who did choose life for you.

  19. Pastor Catt,

    Thanks so much for sharing your story with all of us and for what you do, producing Christian films, spreading the message of Jesus Christ, etc. I saw this movie Friday and have been promoting it ever since. I’ve always been a big pro-life person but this movie has such a deeper message, it touches so many aspects of life. I was not adopted and I’m sure my parents never thought about abortion but I do truly believe every life is beautiful and has a God given purpose. I also desire to fight for life and not be silent in the path to every heart one day knowing that. I’ve been wondering how I can help this film. It has an amazing story, and I believe every person should see it.

  20. I was moved by your story – this must have been very bittersweet. I have not been able to watch the movie “October Baby” as it wasn’t released in any theaters in our area this weekend. I am hopeful it will be released next week ( after the “buzz” from The Hunger Game dies down. Supporting these faith-based movies is so important – God’s message revealed to many for the first time!

  21. Wow!

    I, too, saw this movie on Friday and wiped quite a few tears away. I related with one of the character in the movie as well, but not the same one as you did.

    I liked the way the writers brought forth understanding from all the characters’ perspectives.

    Thanks for posting your story with such boldness.

  22. I don’t know what to say… 15 years ago, while I was 15, I gave birth to a beaitiful little girl. I put her up for aoption. I have prayed for her and thought ever since. I pray that she is in a Christian home. I hope with every bone in my body that get to see her again. If not on earth,
    definitly in Heaven. Thank you for opening up. I cannot wait to see October Baby.

  23. My wife and I went to see “October Baby” yesterday and thought it had taken the most important moral issue of the last four decades and expressed it in an irresistible drama of deep heart struggle, the fallibility of human love and the freedom available through forgiveness, all directed by the unseen Hand of our Sovereign God. Thank you for relating your story, it makes this movie all the more real and helps to clarify the feelings and motivations of some adoptive parents and their adopted children.

  24. Wow…thanks for sharing your story! It is a wonderful movie. I pray that this movie will help bring our nation back to God!

  25. Brother Michael,

    Thank you for consistently being transparent and sharing your heart. Thank you for approaching life and ministry both realistically and spiritually. You are a great example to many (including myself) who desire to glorify God, be light in this dark world, and experience the presence and power of God in fresh ways.

    Many of us (including myself) in the kingdom of God are also grateful that your birth mother gave you life rather than choosing abortion. God has used you and continues to use you in mighty ways.

    God bless you!

  26. Michael,
    What a beautifully written transparent penned display of your heart. My heart hurts with you and know the Lord Jehovah, Emanuel, has used and will continue to use, every ounce of your suffering that has been broken open. As it has been poured out, and painfully so at much cost, it’s fragrance has and still is anointing your Savior Jesus. Through every emotion……,…every fear…….,every sting of rejection the oils of sufferings permeate into the very fabric of the man God is crafting you to be. As it pours out into the rooms of your heart, it’s aroma fills and spills into every thought….every word spoken and written….to every person the Lord has in your life. From the darkest place of the pit of despair you have been delivered from to the pulpit to which you bodly proclaim freedom to the captives and testify as Paul did in Colossians, “For you have died, and your life is now hidden with Christ in God.” (Col.3:3). Your life Michael, is hidden under the mighty armor, His precious body, the Lord Jesus! May your heart be the realm of His peace and the residence of His Word.
    I pray that the unconditional mighty love of your Abba Father will overwhelmingly pour out His Spirit in personal, intimate, tangible ways as you continually offer up your sufferings for the benefit and comfort to others and for the Glory of God! And as you do, to continually heal and soothe those places that keep us looking back. And the Lord will continue to mold You into what He already sees in His eyes, adopted, chosen, His very own, holy, beautiful and righteous. You are a beautiful reflection of His glory and grace! Thank you for humbling yourself and allowing your life to be a platform for the miraculous ways God personally weaves the tapestry of our lives. Jeremiah 29:11, declares “For I know the plans I have for you”(Michael),declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you a hope and a future.” Then He says, “You will seek me and find me when you seek me with all of your heart. I will be found by you,”declares the Lord…..” The Lord wants to be found by you and to be found IN you. He has replaced the longing need to prove our self-worth with the promise of His Everlasting Love and His refreshing Living Waters.
    You and Terri are treasures……….treasures in my life. Your lives are a display for God’s glory and portrait of His grace. I am blessed to call you friends and family. I am praying all of Isaiah 61 for you and Terri and your ministry in the days ahead. Asking the Lord how to pray the prayers that are on His heart, the prayers He longs to answer.
    I pray for myself after reading your heart in this today, that I may have the boldness to declare and cry out to God for Mercy over the little ones whom have a voice but we cannot hear their cries! May our eyes be opened, our ears attuned and our hearts pierced and broken for their previous innocent lives.
    In your life Michael, I see this to be true of you and your families faith, ” and provide for those in Zion — to bestow a crown of beauty instead of ashes, the oil of gladness instead of mourning, and a garment of praise instead of a spirit of despair. They will be called oaks of righteousness, a planting of the Lord for the display of his splendor.”
    Blessings, Love, Comfort & Joy to you & Terri today and all the days ahead! Undeservingly His, Debbie

  27. Thank you for sharing your story. I felt that God’s blessing is on this movie and that He is showing us to love the sinner. I drove past the local Planned Parenthood today and saw a group of people who were there praying and singing praises to God. We have someone out there every day and I pray as I drive by. My heart cries for those babies. It took me 12 yrs to have a baby so my heart hurts for those that are lost.

  28. So thankful for your life and ministry, as well as that of your wife and family. Clyde and I now live in Quitman, GA in a new home we recently bought. It is worth the hour and a half drive on Sunday morning to be at Sherwood. Blessings…

  29. Hmmmm…….so touching. Reminds of the conversation i had with a friend who has refused to abort her baby despite the boyfriends persistance, she’ll rather go through the shame, pain and rejection than abort her baby. I am so proud of her.

  30. What an amazing story! Thank you for sharing it! I cannot wait to see the movie. :) I’m on the mom side of that story, with a child who was at strong risk for being aborted (I was very young when I got pregnant), he even had a death date. I didn’t place my child for adoption but rather raised him and he is an amazing, wonderful 14 yr old who has changed my life in ways that I can barely describe. My heart cries out for the unborn as well as the women (both young ladies and older!) who are faced with an unplanned pregnancy. I know the fear and the concern but God means it all for good! I thank God for the urging to keep my baby and know he has such meaning in the Kingdom as do all! :)

  31. Michael,

    Sixty years ago, your birthmother may not have had a choice to place you for adoption. You were born in a day known as the “baby scoop” era. Many young women were told what horrible people they were and were told that if they refused to sign the papers, their children would be taken from them anyway. Babies were routinely taken away from mothers who desperately wanted to keep their babies, coerced into signing papers (or never signed papers) and being told it was their punishment for their sin.

    Then they were told that to move forward with their lives like it never happened and she likely did her best to do just that.

    I promise you, it wasn’t easy. I know. I am a birthmother. I know few women who have lost their children to adoption that considered abortion. In fact, I cannot think of a single birthmother that I have met who considered aborting the child that they carried to turn.

    The opposite of abortion is not adoption. Just because a pregnancy is unplanned does not mean that the child is unwanted. Just because a child has been adopted does not mean that his or her biological parent considered having an abortion. Honestly, I am inwardly offended by the assumption that abortion was an option for me every time someone thanks me for not doing what I never considered. I understand that they are well meaning, but no one ever thanked me for not aborting the precious sons I have been blessed to raise. I bet no one ever thank you and your wife not not aborting your daughters…

    While I cannot speak for your birthmother, I speak as one who is a sister in the experience. I am sure that there never went a day that she did not think of you. I am sure that she dealt with the grief and the profoundly ambiguous loss of her child who was physically gone from her but ever emotionally present. I am sure that she found a way to make through the hurt. I just pray that she found a way to forgive herself and had some peace in her journey.

    As for your parents, I am sure they were doing as they were told. Take this child home like he was born to you. Move forward with life, the fact that he is adopted is not important.

    I am saddened that you will never be able to know that part of your story. Everyone deserves to know their story, their history. Having a birth family is a part of being adopted. The truth sets us free and I pray there is someone in your world who can answer some of your questions, they will share the truth that they know.


  32. Pastor Catt,
    I am not a member of your church ( I live in jax, fl and attend a local church here), but your story hit home with me. I am 42 years old and grew up knowing I was adopted. My mom was open with me, but she has always been resentful when I have ever mentioned looking for my birth parents. She thinks I want to replace her in my life (which is not true!) My absolute favorite Scripture is Psalm 139. I love where it says “you formed me in my mother’s womb and knew me before the foundations of the world.” It totally blows my mind how much God loves and loved me even at that point knowing the young girl who gave birth to me would give me up one day. I would love to meet my birth mother one day, but I have to be respectful of my mom, dad, and stepmom too. It can definitely be hard. Thanks for sharing and being so transparent.

  33. Thank you so much for sharing your awesome story. Thank you for being so transparent to all of us. That is amazing and I’m glad that God has and still is healing you. Thank you for all the movies that Sherwood has cranked out over the years, as they ALL four have been tremendous blessings to all of my family. Thank you, thank you, thank you. You are right, God did have a plan for you, and you are being faithful and walking it out. Blessings to you and your family.

  34. What a testament of God’s love and provision you have! You could have remained bitter and gone the route that many do, but with God’s strength,( that he instilled in you before you were born), you have turned it around and been an influence for good and blessing in may lives. God bless you as you carry out the plan He has given your life!!

  35. your post is indeed an eye-opener. thank God for you and your ministry. may you continue to bring comfort and enlightenment to people that God will bring along the way.

  36. Dear Pastor Catt,

    Thank you so much for this transparent and meaningful post about your own journey. God makes every life beautiful and yours is certainly one of them.

    Chuck Bentley

  37. Thank you for sharing the movie review and your life. We can all get a blessing from God’s Awesome providence.

  38. Hi Michael,

    I really appreciate your honest and heart-felt review of this movie. Your personal story proved how this project is going to touch the lives of many, many people.

    My wife and I have watched the previews and are looking forward to seeing it.

  39. Micbael, I have been impressed with your ministry for years and blessed by your life through your love for Ron Dunn and his ministry. I know God has blessed your ministry and used it in countless lives. I even knew some of your story but the beautiful expression I have just read is so moving that I wanted to thank you for sharing it and I believe it will be a blessing to all who read it. Your story is told so clearly that even though I have no way of knowing what you have experienced I certainly grasp the hurt and sense how God has blessed you with His unfailing love. Thank you, Joanne.

  40. Mike, I remember meeting you back in the early 80s’ at Roswell Street.
    I had led 2 or 3 retreats there before you came. Glad to catch up with you. Thanks for sharing your testimony—I had a lot of friends in Albany—did a lot of ministry with Byne Memorial Baptist a long time ago.

  41. Thank you Pastor for sharing your story. Last April 17th my daughter and her husband adopted a beautiful baby girl from a 29 year old single woman who got pregnant but did not want to keep the baby. I am not exactly sure what her reasons are but I do know we love that little girl as much as our two grandsons my other daughter had. They are in touch with Emsleys birth mom and send her pictures all of the time. They plan on making sure Emsley has some type of relationship with her in the future. I do know that God is always in control and will direct each step in this process.

    As far as October Baby goes there was not a dry eye in the theater during most of the movie, including mine. My prayer is that every youth group shows this powerful movie to every teenager in their church. We are big supporters of Christian films and we have seen most everyone the 20 years or so.. One of my all time favorites is Flywheel which is the Kendricks first movie. Very low budget but what a great message, as were all of their movies. May the Lord continue to bless Sherwood Pictures and the great leadership they have at Sherwood Baptist Church.

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