Heart-Cry for Revival Conference

You may watch the live streaming of this conference at The Cove beginning Monday, April 22, 2013. To join the streaming, go to the Heart-Cry website at: www.heart-cryforrevival.org and click on the button marked “live stream schedule.”

You can also watch on the American Family Radio website: www.afa.net/radio, or listen on American Family Radio. (Click here for a listing of AFR stations in your area.)

Michael is scheduled to speak at 7:00pm EST tonight.

2 thoughts on “Heart-Cry for Revival Conference

  1. I heard this message last night on AFR radio. It was wonderful. I really want a copy of this message. How can I purchase one? Thank you. Debby Clements

  2. I heard Michael Catt this AM on
    AFR. Sermon was on Forgiveness.
    One of the best that Zi have ever heard.
    Want copies
    How do I get them?

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