A Busy Week…

I’m getting ready to head to Louisville, Kentucky, for the annual Southern Baptist Convention. I am keenly aware of how prepared I have to be for my responsibilities at this meeting, and I’m working diligently to get all my messages together. I preach on Monday afternoon at the Pastors’ Conference on Philippians 2:2, “What if we were one spirit?” I’m looking forward to hearing the men that my friend, Ed Litton, has lined up as he’s serving as president of the conference. I’m praying I can deliver the message from the Word for the hour. I don’t want to just preach a sermon; I want a message from God. If you think about it, pray for me. I need it.
On Tuesday, I’ll be part of a revival forum for Life Action Ministries. These folks are on the cutting edge of leading us to understand the urgent need for revival. I’ll be part of a panel at lunch on Tuesday. As I’ve looked at the names of those who are on the panel, I am overwhelmed by their track record and passion for revival.
Wednesday, I’ll be speaking at the Midwestern Seminary Alumni Luncheon where they will honor the late Fred Winters and me as alumni of the year. I’ve had the privilege of speaking on the Midwestern campus twice in the last year, and God is doing a great work there. Dr. Phil Roberts, the seminary president, has a vision that will take the school to places it’s never been before.
On top of all this are a few meetings with pastors and friends over meals. (It wouldn’t be a good convention without fellowship with friends over a meal!) I’ll also do a book signing for LifeWay and Broadman & Holman.
During the convention, I pray God will use me and speak through me. I want Him to get the glory in all of it. I do not take these responsibilities lightly, and I’m grateful for a praying church that will under-gird me during these days. I need all the prayer covering and support I can get. When it’s all said and done, the only person I have to please is Jesus. 
I will be blogging live at the convention from time to time. Most of it will be an FYI, and some of it may be a cry for HELP! I may need a spiritual stimulus package and a bailout. Who knows…you know how many people there are between the airport, taxis, and hotels who want tips?! Oh, that’s another thing—pray that all the preachers won’t be tightwads with their tips. It makes it hard to share Jesus with a waiter when he’s just been stiffed by a preacher who wanted to witness to him and then left a lousy tip!

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  1. We continue to pray for you daily. Picked up a copy of The Power of Desperation. Going through my second read. In the current season of my life and ministry it is just the message I needed from God.

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