I’ve always wanted to write. For years, I thought my writing would be limited to my articles in the church newsletter. I never liked most newsletter articles—they consist of “See you Sunday” and “Wasn’t Sunday a great day.” I decided almost 25 years ago that if I was going to write something, I would share what was on my heart or my comments on culture, the news, crazy things you read, etc. I’ve now written several hundred (if not thousands) of articles.

Someone commented to a friend of mine, “I don’t really know Michael. I wish I could figure out what goes on in his mind and heart.” My friend commented, “Read his columns. Whatever he’s thinking about, he’s writing about.” In my columns, you will find my high and low points on the journey. Some of them are vents. Others are challenges to the body of Christ.

When I finally started writing books, I figured my mom and dad would buy a copy and that would be it. Little did I know where this would take me. I started thinking through the books and pamphlets I’ve written over the last few years:
Worship (out of print)
 I Left My Mind in Mississippi…But I Still Have My Ministry (out of print)
 I May Be Wrong, But I Doubt It (Out of print)
 Havner’s Reflections on the Gospels (editor)
 Prepare for Rain (2007)
 Fireproof Your Life (2008)
 The Power of Desperation (2009)
 It’s been a demanding but rewarding task. God has blessed my feeble efforts and, with the help of a good assistant and editor, has made it look like I actually know how to write. I’m blessed when I get stories about how God has used these books to minister to someone in the body of Christ.
 Recently, Fireproof Your Life, has come out in Spanish. This will open up a whole new area of ministry that I could have never imagined when I sat down to write this book. Prepare for Rain has been translated into Portuguese—again, another opportunity to hopefully influence and encourage the family of faith.
 I love to write. Right now, I’ve got writer’s block. I’ve finished my third book in the ReFRESH™ series with Broadman & Holman. It has been a challenge to meet the deadlines, pastor a church, travel, and keep up with the day-to-day activities, but it’s been rewarding. I’ve sensed God’s hand in guiding me as to the subjects, illustrations, and Scriptures to use in each book.
 I’m blessed that one of the dreams of my life—to write books—has become a reality.

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