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Be sure to download this month’s FREE monthly sermon series through Sherwood’s online bookstore – One Way.

In this 7-part series, pastor Michael Catt reminisces of his experience in the Jesus Movement and talks about the exclusivity of the gospel and our call to evangelism in a lost world. Series includes:

Evangelism – Whose Job is it Anyway? (2 Corinthians 5:16-21)
It’s Time to Face the Facts (Selected Scriptures)
Got to Tell Somebody -(2 Kings 7:9; Matthew 28:18-20)
Reaching Jerusalem, Judea and Samaria (Acts 4-5)
The Price of Sharing the Gospel (Acts 5:17-29; 40-42 (Notes)
You’ve Got a Story – Tell It! – Michael Catt – Matthew 18:11)
It’s Time to Do More (Acts 5:29-40)

To download the free series, click here. Once on the series page, please check the box next to “MP3” for each message, then click “Add to Cart” for each message. After adding the messages you want, click on the shopping cart icon in the upper right corner of the screen next to “Quick Links”. Choose the option “Checkout”. Follow the prompts through the check-out process.

If you create an account in the bookstore, it will keep track of all your purchases. So, for example, if you download these MP3s to a laptop and then lose your files or change computers, you can come back to your bookstore account and download the messages again! It’s free and easy!


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  1. I am a Lt. with the Bradley County Tennessee Sheriff’s Office. There is something going on here that I would like to bring to your attention. Our Sheriff, Eric Watson, is a devout Christian is under attack. Since he won election two years ago he has been under attack from the enemy. He has instituted and aggressive Jail Ministry. Over 128 inmates have accepted Christ here and were Baptized in the jail. He makes it clear that he is Christian and now the American Atheist group is attacking. He will stand strong but if you ever wanted to make a Courageous II movie, you might want to look into this. Our Corrections staff are a huge part of this ministry. They have even instituted “Christian” PODs. We would appreciate your prayers for the Sheriff and the BCSO as a whole. Thank you and the entire staff for the Courageous Movie. It has meant the world to our deputies. Keep it up. You have got the devil squirming.

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